11km of Lower Hollyford Road, Fiordland, to be repaired

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 28, 2020

The first 11km section of the flood-damaged Lower Hollyford Road, in Fiordland, will be repaired.

A meeting of key stakeholders including the NZ Transport Agency, Southland District Council, Ngai Tahu and the Department of Conservation have agreed that work on this would begin as soon as possible. The aim is to have this section of the road repaired and a safe road access by 20 December this year, subject to weather.

The 11km section takes the road up to the point pictured below. The NZTA has funding available up to $400,000 to carry out this work.

A working group comprising the NZTA, Southland District Council, Ngai Tahu, and DOC will discuss options for the remaining 5km to the end of the road, which was extensively damaged during the February floods. The options could include reinstatement of that section of the road, which has been estimated to cost at least $2 million, or identifying alternative access.

“The key partners who met agreed that the working group will investigate the options for the last five kilometres of this access road to the Hollyford Track and report back mid-October. We need to review more closely the cost of reinstating this section which was significantly damaged in February and we need to explore the alternative options for access to the start of the track,” says NZTA Otago Southland system manager Graeme Hall.

All transport partners are strongly aware the road connects to the Ngai Tahu greenstone trail and their associated tourism businesses linked to the trail. It is important to reach a workable outcome for Ngai Tahu, as well as other road and track users, says Hall.