Are you a member of the New Zealand Trucking Association?

In NZTA, October 20216 MinutesBy Carol McGeadyNovember 9, 2021

If not, why not? Here’s why you should join.

Over the past few years, the New Zealand Trucking Association has been reimaging itself to ensure it will be fit for purpose for the ever-changing transport industry. The strategy is to sustain growth in membership so the association can continue to meet the needs of transport operators and deliver its important industry and community initiatives.

The organisation is not-for-profit – all the membership subscriptions and rebate income go straight into things that are important to members. We support new members into the industry by giving them sound advice, recourses and introductions when required. The cost model and cashflow service shows what it costs to run a trucking business. It includes all those things that are not thought of initially; contingencies for vehicle replacement, repairs and tax are key components to plan for. This is laid out in a document that clearly shows whether the member will make money or if they have just bought a job. The last thing we want is for someone to take on a large loan to buy a truck, commit to a contract and then 12 months down the path, they find that the contract they have is not what they thought it would be. Sadly, we have also had to help people out of the business because they just got in too deep.

We are independent and will only deal with the facts. Recently, we had a situation where several cost models were done for different people for a company changing to an owner-driver model. The rates offered were unworkable, and when our document arrived back at the company, it clearly showed them that their costings were leaning towards a rate that was not viable. New rates have since been established, and this now appears to be a viable business.

A member recently posted on a social media site that they had been a member of the NZTA for seven years and had gone from one truck to five trucks, now employing four staff. This member joined the association and got the advice early, and continued to seek advice as they expanded their business.

Existing members will tell you that our door is always open. Members have unlimited access to our business advice and resources, which is very helpful when a company is expanding. We have transport specialist insurance advisors and commercial finance at very good rates for when equipment is needed to be purchased.

The association has built substantial networks here and overseas with suppliers and stakeholders, negotiating buying schemes so that members can save money on day-to-day purchases such as fuel, oil, tyres, and other expenses. The networks also include specialist advisors, people to whom you normally would not get an introduction. These networks are all available to our members.

Recently, we facilitated a meeting with the Victorian Trucking Association in Australia to meet via Zoom with the South Island Port User Group. Useful insights were shared as both groups had common issues around port use. This connection will now be fostered, and I am sure a visit to the Victorian port will take place when the world opens.

Locally, we have established relationships with various stakeholders such as Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, ACC, WorkSafe and local government councils, where we represent members interests on multiple committees.

Our relationship with the Australian Trucking Association is extremely valued. We share the same goals concerning the health and wellbeing of our workforce and road safety. Soon, we will be launching the ATA SafeT360 virtual-reality road-safety programme that targets 16- to 25-year-old drivers. This is an exciting evidence-based programme aimed at a very vulnerable road-user group. It puts the young drivers in a truck seat and lets them experience real-life situations where other road users have behaved poorly around a truck. It has been proved that this type of learning changes behaviour. The Road Safety Truck will be getting a refurbishment to install the programme shortly.

Other initiatives we undertake are the TMC Trailers Trucking Industry Show (scheduled for 11/12 March 2022), the Trucking Along driver health and wellbeing, the Trucking Industry Summit when required, the Trucking New Zealand Drivers Club, and Careers Trucking. These initiatives are designed to make positive engagement and change for a safer workplace and safer roads. You can check out what we do and how we do it on our website, nztruckingassn.

We have members all over New Zealand, from the ownerdriver through to large corporates. Membership starts from $33 a month. Contact us if you would like to know more – Dave Boyce, CEO, 021 754 137 or Carol McGeady, general manager, 021 252 7252.