Asset tracking and proof of service made easy for contractors

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 2, 2018

Auckland Transport technology services company EROAD is expanding its range of services in the civil contracting and construction market to make it easier for its customers to manage their assets and contract reporting.

EROAD general manager New Zealand Tony Warwood said the company worked closely with customers throughout the civil contracting and construction sector, and was extending its range of services to provide a one-stop shop for all asset tracking and reporting needs.

In addition to electronic Road User Charges payment and health and safety compliance, which many customers already used for their transport fleets, EROAD will soon be offering asset tracking for powered and non-powered equipment and assets, as well as easy contract reporting.

“Most importantly, it has the capability to give customers in civil contracting and construction a single, full view of all their assets and plant, not just vehicles,” said Warwood.

“Customers using these services can see when, where and how equipment has been operating – for example, a mower or sweeper. They can, if they wish, make this information available to their contract owner as well as business partners for complete transparency.”

Warwood said the additional services meant customers could have full visibility of all their assets both vehicles and auxiliary equipment, all tracked and monitored through EROAD‘s Depot in real time to improve utilisation and management.

The asset tracking and contract reporting services use EROAD‘s Ehubo2 and ETrack Wired devices. This means that both vehicles and auxiliary equipment all report back through EROAD‘s accurate and highly reliable Depot system, creating a verifiable record of service to customers.

“It‘s the gold standard for contract reporting,” said Warwood. “A Proof of Service report delivers a comprehensive description of civil contracting activity such as gritting, sweeping, snow clearance, mowing, road sweeping, road marking, as well as construction activity like digging, rolling or grading.”

EROAD customers could choose to provide their contract owner with a log-in to their portal to view activity completed and monitor work. Proof of Service reports could also include maps and visualisation of equipment usage.

“With EROAD‘s high growth in the civil contracting and construction vertical it made sense to deliver a range of services suited to solving some of the complex asset management problems. We developed these services in conjunction with our civil contracting and construction fleets that already utilise EROAD‘s services like automatic RUC payment, driver safety features and vehicle monitoring and management,” said Warwood.

Many customers would be familiar with EROAD‘s Ehubo2 in-vehicle unit, he said.

“Our soon-to-be-released ETrack Wired device is easy to install, discreet and durable, ideal for auxiliary equipment both powered and non-powered. The ETrack Wired asset tracker reported asset operating behaviour at regular intervals, providing a comprehensive history and location of equipment use.”

He said that customers using these services could also make reporting information available to other parties using EROAD Share.

“For contractors or firms working on joint ventures or in a sub-contractor relationship, EROAD Share makes it easy to see what‘s occurring across a range of EROAD equipped vehicles and assets sitting in various EROAD customer fleets, whilst ensuring anyone sub-contractor is operating their fleet in a safe and efficient manner. We think there‘s scope for our customers to further improve efficiency, utilisation of plant and improve job scheduling using these new services.”