Auckland’s Etrucks to introduce Windrose long-range electric trucks to NZ

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 21, 2024

Auckland-based distributor Etrucks is working with Chinese electric heavy-duty truck developer Windrose Technology to introduce long-range electric trucks into Aotearoa.

Etrucks has placed an initial order for 20 units of the Windrose E1400. The first sample truck will arrive in September for extended local testing, and production orders will be accepted from mid 2025.

The Windrose E1400 6×4 semi tractor features extreme aerodynamic efficiency, with an industry low coefficient of drag of 0.2755. Combined with the 729kWh battery capacity, this allows a loaded duration that exceeds any other electric truck available in New Zealand.

Testing in China, the United States and Europe has shown the Windrose is capable of 670km duration on one charge, loaded to 49-tonne GVM. That will mean Auckland to Wellington freight journeys will be possible, with minimal charging on the journey.

Wen Han, founder, chairman, and CEO of Windrose Technologies considers New Zealand as an important part of their global roll out.

“Windrose is aiming to be the first truly global EV truck brand for China, Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and many other markets to come,” Han said.

“By designing a zero-emissions vehicle from the ground up, Windrose is able to bring an EV truck that has performance comparable with or better than diesel trucks, while costing less money than diesel trucking over the lifetime of trucks.”

Ross Linton, director of Etrucks sees the Windrose E1400 as a breakthrough in new energy heavy trucks.

“The duration and speed of charging of the Windrose E1400 moves the boundaries significantly for electric heavy transport,” he said.

“We can now offer an affordable zero emission freight option to the longer haul sector.”

The Windrose E1400 can be configured with megawatt charging (MCS) or dual gun CCS2.

Either system will allow the addition of 400km of range in 35 minutes of charging.

The truck features a spacious centreline cabin, while Windrose offers a complete package of driver aids to enhance safe operation. dual drive axles offer a peak power of 1044kW (1400hp) available.