Customised vacuum tanker truck for Cambridge Septic Tank Services

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 17, 2017

Nelson clean and wastewater specialist Allflow is about to deliver a customised vacuum tanker truck to Cambridge Septic Tank Services.

The tanker has an Italian-built vacuum system and tank supplied by Kaiser Moro that has been jointly customised with Allflow for the New Zealand market.

The 10,000-litre steel tank has a stainless steel liner on the inside bottom of the tank to allow solids/sand/debris to slide out effortlessly. The fully automated rear door opens with the push of a single button, and a remote control accessed via a flexible cord positioned toward the rear of the tank operates the automated controls. This allows the operator a clear view of the rear door while standing at the back of the truck. The operator no longer opens the rear door from the truck cab – a real safety issue.

It is one of very few trucks in New Zealand to have a pneumatically operating valve as the tank‘s primary shut off. This valve automatically closes once the PTO is turned off, giving added safety while travelling along the road. In addition, the cyclonic secondary shutoff has a stainless ball and cage and is emptied via a pneumatic valve that pushes any liquid back into the main waste tank, and is operated by a single switch on the main control panel.

Usually the operator has to use a bucket to collect any leftover liquid, while the Kaiser Moro product empties the system back into the tank.

Allflow account manager vacuum truck sales Maska Lewis says Allflow specialises in vacuum truck equipment direct from the importer and that Italians are world renowned as leaders in this field.

“This is the first truck we‘ve brought into the country since Kaiser Moro completed their merger. We‘ve been working with them on an arrangement to create a unique product for the New Zealand market, based on our combined experience in the industry.”