Capricorn Risk Services provides an independent focus on the value of your property

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 28, 2018

Capricorn‘s Risk Services division is placing major emphasis on the true value of your property.

New research conducted by Capricorn Risk Services amongst its members has revealed that eight out of 10 may not carry enough protection to cover the cost of replacing their premises after a major incident. Analysis of more than 500 commercial properties found that just 17% had adequate building protection, meaning that a staggering 83% may be financially exposed if they needed to make a claim.

To assist in dealing with this issue of under-protection, Capricorn Risk Services has introduced a completely independent assessment of a building‘s replacement value using an estimator tool that has been developed for Capricorn by global data analytics giant, CoreLogic.

Capricorn members who protect their building with Capricorn Risk Services will now receive a report generated using the estimator tool with their renewal quote if the calculator indicates they may not be adequately protected. Even if a property is not currently protected through Capricorn Risk Services, a member can request an independent review using the tool to ensure that they are adequately covered.

Capricorn Risk Services chief executive officer Jim Glossat said that using the estimator tool is designed to give business operators peace of mind.

“It can be difficult for members to calculate the replacement value of a building, so we‘ve invested in a solution that will give them an independent estimate,” he said.

“People sometimes forget that while they have an ageing building now, they‘ll have to replace it with a brand new one. It‘s not about what it is worth now, it is all about the replacement value. Members are now in a better position to assess whether they are adequately protected, so they aren‘t exposed if something goes wrong,” he added.

Capricorn members can also take part in a Capricorn Risk Services promotion that will see thousands of Capricorn reward points and an Ultra HD TV given away during March and April 2018.

All members need to do is request a Capricorn Risk Services quote to receive an immediate bonus of 1000 Capricorn reward points. Each member who requests a quote will also go in the draw for an Ultra HD TV valued at $1,800.

Mutual Protection is provided through Capricorn Risk Services as an alternative to insurance. Having been a part of the Australian automotive aftermarket industry for more than four decades, the team at Capricorn perfectly offer access to protections that are not typically covered by standard commercial insurance policies, including losses from theft of customer vehicles while stored on your premises, damage incurred during road testing and the risk of losses occurring as a result of faulty workmanship.

Capricorn Risk Services also provides access to a full suite of general insurance solutions to provide a one-stop shop for all members and other motor trade professionals. During March and April there is an instant 1000 reward points gain simply for accessing a quote, while also being in the draw for the Ultra HD TV.

In addition to the 1000 Capricorn reward points being offered during this promotion, members will earn additional reward points on any contributions and any premiums. They will also enjoy complimentary leisure travel insurance and access to their own Capricorn Risk Account manager for personalised service.

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