DAF moves the game on

In News, DAF, August 2021, New Models4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 8, 2021

Feast your eyes on the new generation of heavy-duty DAF trucks – the XF, XG and XG+. Beginning production in October, the entirely new line-up of trucks is said to offer “the highest quality, 10% improved fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features and the next level of luxury in truck design”.


The new trucks feature an angular design and the cab has a 160mm front elongation to boost aerodynamics and safety, while the cab rear has received 330mm of extra length, increasing space and comfort.

Lightweight, high-strength steel is used for the cab structure, and soft-touch materials and leather are used throughout the interior. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used throughout the truck.

The new generation underwent more than 20 million kilometres of functional, durability, reliability and customer testing.


DAF claims up to 10% better fuel efficiency and an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions with its new generation. The gains are down to the use of advanced computational fluid dynamics to create an aerodynamically tapered cab that features large radii, a curved windscreen, excellent sealing, digital cameras instead of mirrors, and optimised engine and under-cab airflow.

Powering the new generation are the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines coupled with smart exhaust after-treatment systems and the TraXon automated transmission.

DAF’s new generation has been designed for the latest bio and renewable e-fuels, and the trucks are a ready platform for future zero- emissions powertrains.

DAF Connect fleet management provides for time-saving over the air software updates. Service intervals have increased to an industry-first 200,000km, or once a year.


The big news with the new generation is the DAF digital camera system, replacing the main and wide-angle side mirrors. The DAF corner-view system offers maximum view on the area around the cab’s A-pillar on the co-driver side.

As an option, a kerb view window is available, which – in combination with the foldable co-driver seat – offers an unobstructed view of pedestrians and cyclists next to the truck on the co-driver side.

DAF has placed all primary driving functions on the steering wheel and the steering column stalks. Physical switches operate secondary driving functions, logically positioned on the dashboard, within easy reach of the driver.

Luxury and comfort

The redesigned dashboard features a fully digital instrument panel that can be customised to the driver’s personal preferences. An optional second touchscreen display is available for operating the DAF navigation and infotainment system.

The interior volume of the cab is 12.5m3 , and the DAF XG+ has 14% more volume than the current DAF XF Super Space Cab. The driver and co-driver seats can be rotated to a comfortable position.

The new bed length is 2220mm in all models, with 800mm of width over the complete length in the XG and XG+ models. A mechanical or electrically adjustable DAF relax bed with a separate topper is available for optimal head, back and leg support while resting.

The cab environment is enhanced by ambient LED lighting that is adjustable in brightness and colour, while a fully integrated park aircon is available as an option on the XG+ for automatic cooling and heating of the cab, even when the engine is turned off.

DAF has paid special attention to how the new generation rides and handles, engineering a new front-end design of the chassis, new cab suspension, and a new rear-axle suspension design.