EROAD enhances vehicle inspections with defect management

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 15, 2017

EROAD is making it easier to maintain a safe fleet and resolve vehicle faults more efficiently with the launch of its enhanced Inspect product.

The addition of Defect Management to Inspect removes paper from vehicle inspections, and speeds up communication of defects between the driver and back office or workshop.

Martin Jones, fleet service and performance supervisor at Foodstuffs South Island, said Defect Management had enabled the company to take action on vehicle inspection reports.

“It has saved me one-and-a-half hours most mornings. I now have time do to other things. I‘m more focused and I don‘t lose my way through the information. I love it,” Jones said.

Removing paper from vehicle inspections and speeding up the resolution time for vehicle faults offers significant time and cost savings to businesses, EROAD New Zealand general manager Tony Warwood said.

“With Defect Management, drivers and the workshop can see the status of anything that‘s failed an inspection in seconds, not hours. Because it‘s easily traceable, everything is transparent, so fleet owners can be confident that their vehicle inspections result in a healthy fleet on the road, and reduced risk.”