Freight and transport companies sign up en masse to reduce driving risk

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 11, 2017

Online driver training provider, DT Driver Training, had a record month in June, adding Toll Group, Freight Lines, Mackleys, Tomoana Warehousing, Waitomo Group, Allied Pickfords, Heavy Metal Haulage, Yelavich Transport and others to its online Fleet Driver Plan, which teaches drivers safe driving skills and refreshes their knowledge of the Road Code.

David Costigan, Allied Pickford‘s training manager, said “Allied Pickfords uses DT Driver Training to keep its staff up to date on New Zealand road rules and to provide better company drivers. By having an up-to-date and live system I can see exactly what level of study Allied Pickford’s staff are at, and along with the ease and the ability to customise to your own requirements it fits our training needs.  Staff also find it user-friendly.”

While New Zealand doesn‘t keep accurate records of the number of work-related crashes and fatalities that involve vehicles, Safe Work Australia estimates as many as 65% of fatalities are vehicle-related, with 39% being road accidents. There‘s little reason to believe our statistics are substantially different.

Director Darren Cottingham said, “Driving is the biggest risk facing almost every company with vehicles. The cost of an accident is usually much more than the cost of getting training to mitigate the risk.”

The Fleet Driver Plan, which contains modules for drivers of cars, heavy vehicles, motorbikes, buses and specialist vehicles, is a cost-effective way of delivering driver training at just $19 per driver per year. If practical training is required, DT Driver Training works with other training providers to deliver those components.