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In September 2021, Vipals Knowing Your Retreads3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 12, 2021

More than 10,000 tyres have been retreaded in the Vipal Rubber VRT3 tread design in New Zealand.

In the July 2021 edition of the magazine, we explored Vipal’s technical structure; with four manufacturing plants, distribution centres in strategic regions around the world, its research centre, and highly qualified technical staff. Such a structure encourages Vipal to invest in developing specific products to meet the particularities of each region.

It’s no different in Oceania. One of these products is the VRT3 tread, a popular design among New Zealand fleets.

Available for tyres in sizes including 275/70 R22.5, 11R 22.5, as well as 295/80 R22.5, the VRT3 tread is an exclusive Vipal Design widely known worldwide. It is made for radial tyres on drive axles and is designed to offer superior traction for high-horsepower vehicles, combined with great water flow and quick responses on any surface.

“The 22mm depth of the Vipal VRT3 tread is a structural feature of the design that makes it suitable for high-powered vehicles on extreme road surfaces,” says Dijan Rigo, Vipal’s commercial coordinator.

Ideal for long-distance travel on paved roads, the VRT3 has had its performance recognised internationally by numerous tests carried out by customers, including tyre retreaders, from New Zealand. Tests have shown the VRT3 has up to 20% better kilometre yield than the market’s main competitors.

Another VRT3 attribute is the Alpine Symbol, a European certification that assesses the efficiency of certified treads to run in harsh snow conditions. Under European rules, all tyres, including retreaded ones, must have a certification, also referred to as 3PMSF (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake). The condition for a tyre to be approved is to have a grip index on snowy surfaces, or snow grip index (SGI), 25% higher than a standard reference tyre.

For Rigo, VRT3’s success with transport companies is due to product quality and the special rubber compound from which this tread is made.

“It meets the need for high horsepower vehicles over long distances, something necessary when it comes to countries such as New Zealand,” he says.

Rigo also states that the product attributes match what the region’s fleets need.

“It also favours the exclusive VRT3 design, which ensures good water flow and surface grip, whether it is dry or wet, muddy or snowy – that is, both in winter and in summer, the tread works very satisfactorily.”

In 2021, Vipal surpassed 10,000 retreaded tyres with the VRT3 in New Zealand. The winner of the 2019- 2020 John Murphy Memorial Top Truck award, promoted by New Zealand Trucking magazine in partnership with Vipal dealer Power Retreads, was awarded a set of eight drive tyres retreaded with the VRT3 tread. (New Zealand Trucking, November 2020.)