HEALTH AND SAFETY – Compliance A headache, but so important

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 19, 2020

At Safewise we are still talking about compliance with the requirements for Covid-19. We were one of the lucky businesses based outside the greater Auckland region, so didn‘t have to go back to level 3. However, we still felt some pain, for our clients and ourselves. Having regional differences required quite a bit more work, and compliance, for those who needed to travel between the regions. This took time and no small degree of patience! All businesses are required to display the official QR code. We are all asked to scan the code or maintain a diary of our activities. We are all required to wear masks on public transport and asked to wear them in public places where it is difficult to maintain adequate social distance. Yet so many people are flaunting the rules. Why this happens is a mystery to me. No one wants to be in level 3, or worse in level 4, but they still persist on noncompliant behaviour.

Anecdotally, it appears that most people don‘t comply as they don‘t believe they are likely to get Covid- 19, or that they have good intentions, which are overcome by inconvenience. Sometimes, the QR code is in a place that is too reflective to scan – the light shines on the window – or where it is not easily accessible while maintaining social distance. As employers or managers, we have some influence over our workers‘ actions. We can encourage them to scan in, to wear masks and to comply with social distancing. This is best achieved by supporting them, providing comfortable and appropriate equipment, rewarding positive behaviour, and setting an example. Leaders must demonstrate that they are complying. For the sake of our people – colleagues, families, friends – please take your responsibilities seriously. The inconvenience we are asked to put up with is considerably less than the pain of a loss of life.