Kiwi manufacturing will help rebuild New Zealand‘s economy

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 8, 2020

New Zealand‘s only local truck manufacturer, Intertruck, says Kiwis need to support local manufacturing in their efforts to rebuild the country‘s economy. 

“Local trailer manufacturers produce more than 95% of the country‘s trailers, so it is clear Kiwi manufacturing is well accepted in our industry and, one would say logically, it is preferred,” said Intertruck owner Comer Board.

Following International granting a rare opportunity, Intertruck heavily invested in building its own assembly plant 16 years ago. The company continues to provide jobs for Kiwis, demonstrating it can compete against large overseas assembly plants by giving Kiwis better options.

“Our business model reaches further than being just a regular importer. Aside from our production facility investment, we provide many design solutions for Kiwi operators. Smart design innovation has positioned International as market leaders in tare and vehicle design for New Zealand. Our R&D division optimises New Zealand‘s unique regulations, such as having a secondary twin-steer axle spacing on 8×4 tractors to legally achieve 27-tonne axle group weights,” Board said.

“Our newly released ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension) is unique on second steer axles and provides significant ride benefits, twin-steer load equalisation, improves traction, and offers many other benefits. During the vehicle design and production phase, our teams collectively work with trailer engineers so we can build the truck chassis exactly how they want it. This type of production flexibility is not offered by overseas plants.”

As a 25-year-old family owned Kiwi business, Intertruck engages 50 Kiwi companies to supply components for its assembly plant. This equates to hundreds of Kiwis being employed in the manufacturing supply chain when an order is placed for an International. These suppliers deliver high standards in quality at competitive pricing and are the cornerstone in providing Kiwi jobs. 

“This new era is about looking after New Zealand first by investing in our people. We encourage businesses to reset their buying patterns and adopt the ‘Buy New Zealand Made‘ culture for trucks, as they do with trailers. That being said, we have a loyal customer following and sincerely thank these businesses as we participate in the immediate rebuild of our economy,” said Board.