LITTLE TRUCKERS‘ CLUB – A boy with a passion for trucks!

5 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 4, 2020

Billy Adams, 15, from Tauranga, has an impressive collection of model trucks and memorabilia. So much so that we were literally blown away when we walked into his room.

Floor to ceiling, all four walls are trucks, trucks and more trucks! His collection includes models, cards, wallets, key rings, his schoolbag, Lego models, lunchboxes, posters, Weetbix cards and postcards. The list goes on and includes a huge New Zealand Trucking magazine collection dating back to 1990 – well before he was even born! Not only does Billy collect, he also makes things too. He showed us a fantastic wooden model Mack Ultra Liner that he built in hard tech at school. His model is based on his favourite truck from Graeme Wright Transport Limited in Thames, using Ed Mansell‘s photo as a reference for his work. Billy‘s woodwork teacher was surprised at his choice of subject and said that in his 14 years of teaching, Billy was the first student to ever make a truck. He even made his own graphics transfers, downloading images from the internet and purchasing special print paper and spray to decorate his model. Not only did Billy pass the class, he also achieved with merit. His teacher said that Billy‘s truck was excellent, and that he had a natural talent and problem-solving skills, as well as an impressive work ethic.

Photo: Budding model builder and truckie, Billy Adams (15), shows off his very first creation.

Photo: The Mack Ultra Liner of Graeme Wright Transport Limited served as the inspiration for Billy‘s model creation.

Wooden model truck maker Peter Gough is Billy‘s inspiration and mentor, offering him some guidance in building his project. There has been a keen interest in Billy‘s Mack replica and he intends on making more in the future once he has bought himself a bandsaw. Another inspiration to Billy is Leigh Hudson of Iconic Replicas in Australia. He chats online with Billy about the diecast models he makes. Billy has two glass cabinets with a wide range of diecast models that he purchases with money he earns working on the farm and cleaning trucks. One diecast model consists of about 5000 pieces, and the detail in them is unreal. From the doors and bonnets opening and wheels turning to the seat even moving up and down. Creating these diecast models is an interest Billy would like to pursue in the future, building them from scratch including making of the die and pouring of the medium to make the pieces of these incredible toys. Billy‘s dad is going to help him build a shed out the back of the house so he can pursue his passion. For now though, Billy is running out of space in his bedroom and he laughs that he is going to start using the spare room!

Billy‘s fascination with the trucking industry started as far back as he can remember, which is not surprising with his dad and grandfather both being truck drivers. His dad, Rod, currently drives a Western Star for Holmes Group. Billy says he wishes he could have been born 20 years earlier when trucks were made tough, they all had gear sticks, and sounded tough. Logging and wood chippers are his favourite kinds of truck: “they just look cool, especially TD Haulage‘s T800.” Currently in year 11 at school, Billy hopes to do a cadetship and get his HT licences once he has completed his levels 1 and 2. We here at New Zealand Trucking wish him all the best and have no doubt he will do amazing things in the future.

Photo: Billy printed and applied decal graphics that were faithful to the original.

Photo: Billy‘s collection of truck models and memorabilia lives in a special glass cabinet.