MAN Truck & Bus presents OptiView digital mirrors

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 10, 2021

MAN’s digital mirror cam system, OptiView will be available to order in Europe as an optional extra on the new MAN Truck Generation from October 2021.

The system replaces conventional exterior mirrors and instead works with cameras on the sides and front of the truck, as well as a rear-view camera, which can be added as an option. They show what is happening around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and also on the screen of the media system.

According to MAN, OptiView plays a major role in preventing accidents. The digital mirror cam system reduces the risk of truck drivers failing to spot other road users. The system’s field of view makes blind spots visible on both the driver’s and co-driver’s side, helping to protect cyclists riding through cities and pedestrians at service stations, for example.

Drivers can choose from a range of view options and the MAN turn assist function is also integrated into the display concept.

In turning situations, the systems offer the ideal combination of radar-based hazard detection and warning as well as visual representation of the areas to the right, left and in front of the vehicle without blind spots.

“Technological innovations in trucks play an important role in increasing road safety both for truck drivers and other road users,” the company said.