Managing Covid-19’s risk to your business

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 4, 2021

While Covid-19 Delta variant rages across Auckland, spreading to neighbouring regions, occasionally, the blame is directed at truck drivers. TDDA notes that people need reminding that truckies move 93% of New Zealand’s freight. Conversely, , the agency advises that trucking companies need to start thinking about workplace Covid-19 testing to manage the risk this pandemic keeps delivering.

“Have you considered what a positive Covid case within your crew will cost in terms of unavailable drivers, parked trucks, company finances, and your reputation?” says Kirk Hardy, CEO, TDDA.

“Downtime is expensive, and your risk-mitigation plan must now include infectious-disease controls. This is why hospitals, essential services and front-line industries are increasingly reliant on regular Covid testing for employees. Workplace Covid testing is simply risk management.”

When picking a testing type and provider, TDDA advises that workplace tests should be quick and non-invasive so that employees feel comfortable. Saliva PCR testing is non-invasive and easy to administer – instead of deep nasal swabs, which are highly accurate and have been shown to detect infection in people up to three days earlier than a nasal swab.

“You also need a testing provider with a reputation for quality and consistency, and that is IANZ-accredited. Don’t hire a handyman when you need a master builder. Certifications and accreditations are crucial,” Hardy says.

“When selecting a testing company, ensure they produce results quickly so you can rapidly respond if needed. Lastly, ensure your provider is mobile and can visit you where your workers are.”

“TDDA is helping businesses manage Covid-19’s risk with fast, accredited saliva testing for your entire workforce. Like drug and alcohol testing, our new Covid testing service is designed to mitigate risk and keep businesses operationally safe. Transport companies now have a safe and easy way to manage Covid’s risk to their businesses.”