Marco Aschwanden & Emmanuel Stillhart

In Just Truckn Around, June 2021, DAF, Overseas2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 7, 2021

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Marco Aschwanden, 27, and Emmanuel Stillhart, 26, have a lot in common as well as age. Both drive similar-looking Super Space Cab DAF 530s for Kummer Transporte of Hombrechtikon, in Switzerland.

Trucking is in their bloodlines – each has a father who was a driver. Emmanuel has eight years under his belt, while Marco has five.

Kummer Transporte operates an interesting fleet of 15 vehicles, primarily DAF and MAN engaged in domestic and international work. Furniture removal is one aspect of the business, and one of the trucks tows an ingenious lift, which allows furniture to be raised to apartment blocks. Then there’s a 3.5 tonne Iveco that pulls a drag trailer, complete with turntable and curtainsides, and a massive truck and trailer where the roof raises to double the truck’s height, then compresses foam insulation once it’s loaded. It’s worth a look on Google.

Paul O’Callaghan caught up with the lads when they were using more traditional-style trailers, although running on air suspension with small trailer wheels for maximising cubic capacity. “We go all over Europe, but primarily the neighbouring countries of Germany and Italy, and we love our jobs,’’ claims Marco. The guys use their own money to customise the trucks, and each has added different accessories. Emmanuel says that meeting new people is one of his favourite parts of the job, although traffic congestion and trying to find overnight parking are the aspects he dislikes most. In terms of their individual preferences for trucks, both praise the DAFs. However, Emmanuel said Scania is his brand of choice, while Marco says he’s definitely in the Volvo camp.