In Just Truckn Around, Kenworth, August 20212 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 10, 2021

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Alison Verran was at the Z Turangi Truck Stop when she saw Matt Beckett fuelling up the impressive Kenworth T909, kitted out with a 38-inch Aerodyne Sleeper that he drives for Richmond Heavy Haulage in Taupo.

Adding to this spectacular sight are the two rows of eight dolly, with four rows of eight low-loader trailer. The whole unit has a 28-tonne tare weight, with the truck rated to 130 tonnes.

The beast is powered by a Cummins X-15 engine, pumping out 459kW (615hp).

Matt carts oversize loads, mainly large machinery, and he and his pilot were moving a forestry crew in the Lake Taupo forest. They were heading to a forestry block off SH1 to pick up an 80-tonne log haulier and move it to a block closer to Taupo.

Based in Taupo, Matt carts anywhere in New Zealand. There are no other truckies in Matt’s family – he’s not following in anyone’s footsteps. He just fancied driving trucks for a career. He said he gets a buzz out of being in control of the big gear!

In terms of industry concerns? Matt cited the lack of public knowledge of oversize vehicles and pilots.

“With so many flashing lights on work vehicles these days, often the public tend to ignore them. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some incidents recently, as well as many near misses.”

Alison finished the conversation with the light-hearted, vexing question: Pavlova – theirs [Australia], or ours? Matt reckons “definitely ours”.