More content and more ways to enjoy Trucking Radio 24/7

In News3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 3, 2023

It’s now easier than ever to listen to Trucking Radio 24/7. The station, on air for six months, is now available via three new outlets in addition to the existing Trucking Radio 24/7 mobile app and website player.

The first of these is iHeart Radio. Users of this platform can search for Trucking Radio 24/7 to listen anywhere, anytime.

“Being accepted onto iHeart Radio is a great step for our young radio station,” says New Zealand Trucking Media’s Matt Smith. “We know many Kiwis already listen to radio stations and podcasts via iHeart Radio, whether on the road, at the office or at home. Now, they can easily listen to Trucking Radio 24/7 via the iHeart Radio platform too.”

New Zealand Trucking Media is also proud to announce a partnership with CleanCo Truckwash Group. CleanCo will play Trucking Radio 24/7 at all six of its CleanCo Truckwash sites around New Zealand – Auckland, Highbrook, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Hamilton and Christchurch.

“We are glad to be able to play a radio station dedicated to the industry we are so much a part of. We think our customers will really engage with it,” says Richard Vincent, CleanCo Truckwash director.

Smith says having CleanCo plays Trucking Radio 24/7 to the estimated 70,000 trucks the company washes annually gives the station and its advertisers further access to its core audience and is a testament to the station’s quality.

“We know how much our listeners enjoy the station, and it will be great that they’ll have some quality content to tune into while they’re getting their trucks cleaned up at CleanCo,” he says.

Finally, Trucking Radio 24/7 is also now linked to Amazon Alexa – another popular platform in homes and businesses around the country.

Alexa users can call up Trucking Radio 24/7 with phrases such as:

  • ‘Alexa, play Trucking Radio’
  • ‘Alexa, wake me up to Trucking Radio’ [which sets an alarm]
  • ‘Alexa, play Trucking Radio everywhere’ [use with caution, as all speakers will start playing it]. Say, ‘Alexa, stop Trucking Radio everywhere’ to stop.

More to enjoy on Trucking Radio 24/7

Furthermore, starting in February is an hourly weather report, brought to you once again by CleanCo.

Also starting in February is Tandem Thursday. In partnership with Ringfeder, we’ll be doubling up the music every Thursday from 6am to 7pm. It’s all about truck and trailering the music!

Finally, join us every Sunday at 6pm for the Podcast hour.

Trucking Radio 24/7 can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, or listen on