National Road Carriers calls for freight to be exempt from congestion charges

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 13, 2022

 National Road Carriers says that while it supports congestion charges, freight needs to be exempt from the initiative.

At first glance it’s understandable to question the proposed congestion charge – New Zealanders are struggling under the weight of cost-of-living increases and rampant inflation,” said National Road Carriers Association chief operating officer James Smith.

“If the initiative could reduce congestion in the region of 12 percent, then the potential for increased productivity and efficiency gains due to reduced time lost sitting in traffic could be truly meaningful,” he said.

But Smith said there are few alternatives to moving most freight around Auckland other than on the roads.

“Research suggests passenger vehicles are largely responsible for congestion in our cities so one of the aspects National Road Carriers would like to be given consideration is for heavy freight to be exempt or subsidised as part of the initiative,” he said.

“This would have positive flow on effects through the supply chain and help prevent further cost-of-living increases

“We would also ask that revenue collected via the scheme is spent directly on roading infrastructure and is not just another tax on road users.”