Neville McKay and Brent Tane

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Neville McKay (left) and Brent Tane both work for Pacific Fuel and were on the home leg of a journey from Wellington to Sanson and back when Faye Lougher caught up with them in Levin.

The pair had been making deliveries to Z stations with Brent in the driver‘s seat of the 2014 Man TGX 26.480 and 12-speed auto, and Neville in the passenger seat as his trainer.

Brent says his father was a log truck driver and that sparked his interest.

“I‘ve been driving for about 33 years, not just trucks but all types of vehicles. I got my licence when I was 15.”

Neville has been a truck driver for about 32 years and was an owner-driver for Fastways in Wellington.

“That‘s when I started my career as a driver and then moved to Mainfreight.”

Both men say the biggest issue they face on the road is a lack of respect for big vehicles.

Brent‘s vexing question was pie or quiche and he chose quiche. Neville‘s was cruise ship or airliner – he went for the cruise ship.

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Neville McKay & Brent Tane