New field worker trip safety solution released

In News2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 15, 2023

Guardian Angel Safety, a provider of lone and remote worker safety solutions in Australasia, has unveiled its latest software offering, Safe Trips.

The solution is designed to improve field worker trip safety by allowing users to easily log trip details in advance, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management and employee wellbeing.

Integrated into the Guardian Angel Portal, Safe Trips allows organisations to address potential hazards in advance and ensure compliance with safety protocols to protect their remote and isolated workers better. The application can be used with Guardian Angel Safety services and solutions, such as duress devices and 24/7 monitoring and SOS response.

“Safe Trips is a game-changer for field worker trip safety,” said Guardian Angel Safety founder and CEO Petra Håkansson.

“It empowers organisations and their staff members to prioritise safety by effectively planning and assessing field trips in advance,” she said.

“It’s a comprehensive tool for any organisation with lone and remote workers that enhances communication, streamlines processes, and ultimately saves lives.”

Safe Trips gives lone and remote workers an additional level of safety and hazard awareness when undertaking jobs in the field, from water sampling to maintenance and dog control. Staff members can record vital information about their upcoming work field trips, including trip dates and times, a comprehensive trip description, participant details, vehicle specifications, and the tracking device for the journey.

Furthermore, the application automatically emails trip details to the staff members’ managers and team leaders, facilitating seamless communication and enhanced safety oversight. The information stored in Safe Trips enables team leaders and managers to review proposed trips effectively, ensuring potential hazards are thoroughly assessed and experienced personnel are present when visiting locations with safety risks.

For organisations that already maintain a register of known hazard locations, Safe Trips can integrate via API with this register, providing valuable insights on hazards related to planned trips.