New Zealand Trucking and Dr Tom join forces for the good of truckers

6 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 9, 2020

Dr Tom in full flight at the 2019 RTF conference.

Noted and internationally regarded health and wellness expert Dr Tom Mulholland refers to his mission as the ambulance at the top of the cliff. Preventing the preventable, and helping people live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilled life is what he is all about. 

“Watching Dr Tom speak at the 2019 RTF conference in Wairakei, his message resonated loudly with me,” said New Zealand Trucking magazine editor Dave McCoid. “This was a Kiwi guy speaking ‘Kiwi‘ to Kiwis. The message was real, his experiences were real, and I thought then and there, we needed to get involved somehow. A recent chat with a trucker who‘d just returned to work after a triple bypass he attributed to stress in the job, and the calls we‘ve had on the back of Covid-19 regarding partner and spouse wellbeing, gave us the kick we needed to get off our butts and get going. We called Dr Tom and he was all ears. 

“As a result of our chat, New Zealand Trucking magazine has sponsored the cost of Dr Tom‘s KYND (Know Your Numbers Dashboard) mobile application, available to everyone in the trucking industry using our NZTRUCKMAG code, and Dr Tom along with Marsh Insurance have kindly sponsored the monthly fee.” 

Download the app here:

KYND is a mobile phone app developed by New Zealand doctors and psychologists to measure, monitor and manage your health and wellbeing. KYND has three sections, BODY, MIND and LIFE. Fill out the questions and receive a traffic light, a score, and videos/advice from top New Zealand clinicians relevant to your status. 

“For the past five years I have been trucking around New Zealand in my retro Chevy ambulance doing medical WoFs and CoFs on you, your friends, and families, all thanks to our great sponsors,” said Dr Tom. “So how is ‘your‘ current warrant going? Don‘t get a CoF? Stick to the rules, stay safe and drive safe. If you want to see how well you are doing, or how vulnerable you may be, download our KYND app and use the NZTRUCKMAG code to access. And be kind. Get your mates to do it as well … and your family.”

 Dr Tom‘s retro Chevy ambulance on a driver ‘CoF‘ visit at Simon Reid‘s business. Just like the truck, find the problem early and the fix is often much easier, and cheaper.

KYND has a strict privacy policy, meaning no organisation or third party can view your individual data. Data from the industry is collated into an industry dashboard, essentially giving the industry itself a health check. 

“It‘s our intention going forward to display the industry data as part of our Business of Trucking monthly industry insights,” said Dave. “Yes, it‘s an honesty box tool, largely based on self-assessment, but if honesty doesn‘t start with yourself, then no one wins, be it you, your family, your community, or your industry. In fact, I challenge you to share your answers with your nearest and dearest and hear their version of you. Have the conversations that need to be had.” 

New Zealand Trucking Media will be prompting you each month to update your dashboard, and will also provide links to some of Dr Tom‘s great public talks. Dr Tom has also agreed to help with content from time to time. 

“I‘ve downloaded the app and got under way,” said Dave. “There were a few ambers so I‘ve got some things to work on. It takes about 15 minutes for the initial download, completing the first round of data collection, and answering your first round of quizzes. If you don‘t think you have time, or don‘t think you want to, there‘s your first red light! My suggestion is get going, if not for you, then for those who want you to stick around for a while yet.”

For the good of everyone, get going, it‘s free!