NZTA teams with Unisys to deliver Agile motor vehicle and registry services

In Uncategorized1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 7, 2017

Unisys Corporation is helping the New Zealand Transport Agency streamline its driver and vehicle registry platform to quickly reflect legislative changes, using a new Agile approach to software development.

Under the new five and a half year contract, Unisys is supporting NZTA‘s Registry Suite – a group of systems for vehicle and driver safety programs including driver licensing, motor vehicle registration and road user charges.

Using the Agile approach, NZTA has reduced the time to implement a typical legislative change in the registry system – such as a new rule or fee – by half, from six months to three.

Robyn Elston, NZTA national manager delivery, said this would make it faster and easier for customers to deal with NZTA online.

The solution uses the Unisys Virtual Private Cloud, a fully virtualised software-defined data centre, to allocate a secure virtualised pool of shared computing resources within a public cloud environment for greater flexibility and cost savings. It also enables automated application deployment, which is faster and less prone to human error.