PBT goes for hydrogen

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 22, 2021

PBT has announced it will operate one of the first 20 Hyzon Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks when they arrive in New Zealand from mid-2022, though its PBT Express Freight Network. PBT will operate the truck as part of a fully maintained operating lease with TR Group and in association with Hiringa Refuelling and Hyzon Motors.

The 600hp, 58-tonne GCM tractor unit is powered by 100% green hydrogen, with the only emissions being water vapour. It is claimed the truck will remove approximately 250 tonnes of CO2 from our atmosphere every year.

PBT’s CEO, Dave Lovegrove, said PBT is an emissions-intensive organisation and because of this, the company has acknowledged the role it can play to protect the environment and the need to continuously improve and increase its efforts towards environmental sustainability.

“Our customers are increasingly focused on more sustainable supply chains, and we share similar values when it comes to decarbonising the transport network and delivering a better tomorrow.

“At PBT, we’re focused on a range of initiatives from in-vehicle technology to improve fuel efficiency, to electric forklifts in our branch network, and now with this exciting new and 100% green heavy vehicle technology.”