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In News3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineNovember 4, 2021

Getting to play with toys all day is a dream for many, but that’s exactly what vintage toy collector Bob Collins gets to do.

Based in Porirua, Bob has been running Toy Heaving for the past two years. Specialising in cars, trucks, aircraft, and construction and farming equipment, the company has a selection of 350-400 different models, mostly diecast.

“I”ve dabbled in toys for a long time – and it just snowballed into creating an actual business out of it,” Bob says.

Bob’s late son-in-law was an ardent collector, and Bob took on the job to start selling the toys on Trade Me.

“It just really grew from there,” he says. “Since then, I’ve picked up a few agencies and have a few more in the pipeline with different model-makers.”

Bob’s primary customers are mostly fellow collectors, followed closely by kids and people buying models as gifts.

The shop offers an extensive range of trucks – about 30-40 different options. Bob says most of the trucks available are European, but he’s looking to extend that.

He says his job is unique in that he gets to play with toys all day. “The worst part is when you’ve ordered a whole lot of toys, and you’re waiting for them to come in,” he says.

“I get a thrill being able to provide to collectors, to people like me who it really means a lot.

“When they get a 1968 Nissan Fairlady, or something they’ve been after, and I’ve been able to supply it… it’s quite a thrill to be able to provide something that they are keen on collecting. They know they can rely on me to get them a good one at a good price.

“There are some I regret I’ve sold that I wish I had kept, but that goes with the territory.”

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Volvo FH16 with Bluetooth app control

Bob says one of his favourite models is the Volvo FH16 with Bluetooth app control.

Model 6731 is available at 1:32 scale and was recently released worldwide by Siku Toys.

The many functions of the tractor unit from Sweden promises lots of playing fun. Made from metal with plastic parts, the model is distinguished by its numerous features and details.

The tractor unit can be coupled to any of the Siku radio-controlled trailers or attachments. The new model has been released at the same time as the Siku 6734, a three-axle tipping trailer, which comes with the world-famous Schmitz Cargobull livery.

Together, these are the construction site professionals with a large load capacity. The original transports up to 30 tonnes of asphalt, concrete rubble, gravel, or sand. In 1:32 scale, the tipper can be tilted, and this causes the tailgate to open automatically.