In News, August 20212 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 27, 2021

August is Health & Safety Month. After meeting with our partners Safe Business Solutions, we decided to do a month-long campaign to raise awareness that good Health & Safety practices in a workplace will ensure people get home every day after work. It is so important to ensure that your staff’s health and wellbeing is included into your normal day to day activities. Recently the NTA Road Safety Truck visited Wilson Bulk Transport in Ashburton. It was great to see the team at Wilson Bulk organise free flu shots, blood pressure and diabetes checks in conjunction with the Road Safety Truck visit. The drivers and staff participated in the Healthy Truck Driver and Trucking Along program then the Work Safe “Transport and Logistics” video was played, followed by the truck drivers completing a work sheet which questioned their understanding of the video they just watched. A full holistic approach with all the parties collaborating to make this a worthwhile event was very successful. The Health and Wellbeing of staff is the lifeline to any business. Knowledge is power so by equipping everyone with knowledge is the first step. Every participant received the Health Truck Driver resource book which is full of information about common health issues that can affect their ability to drive safely. They also received a resistance band to help prevent neck, arm and back strains. Cody Hunter showed them how to use it in a video that was sponsored by Teletrac Navman. They can carry this in their truck and use it in their breaks. So, thanks Wilson Bulk Transport, WorkSafe, St John and the New Zealand Trucking Association team on board the Road Safety Truck this kind of collaboration will save lives. ‘LETS DO MORE” if you would like to have the Road Safety Truck visit to bolster your companies culture around Health and Safety of all staff contact us!