SAF-Holland release new high technology axle stub grease – SAF LiLube Easy Fit

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineAugust 14, 2018


SAF Holland has been working in collaboration with one of the world‘s leading lubricant companies (specialising in tribological conditions) and this has seen the release of a highly specialised lubricant for use on axles.

This new industry lubricant is already well proven, having been used in wind power generating plants over a number of years. In these applications extremely high loads and micro vibrations caused by high pressure and minimal movement when the plant is at a standstill are similar to those created between the inner ring and the axle stub in heavy transport vehicle axles.

The new lubricant marketed under SAF LiLube Easy Fit (Part No. 5387004201) is already used within the SAF-Holland production line and is now available in the aftermarket in convenient 1kg cans. It is available through the TWL stores in New Zealand.

The new special grease is already included in SAF-Holland‘s replacement kits and the following is a link to a video showing the correct application procedure when applying grease to the axle stub.