Scania scores its fifth consecutive Green Truck victory

In News, Scania3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 16, 2021

Scania has taken home the 2021 Green Truck title for the fifth year running.

The Green Truck title is organised by German trade magazines Trucker and Verkehrs-Rundschau and celebrates transport efficiency for long-distance trucks.

This year, the organisers stipulated a gross train weight of 32 tonnes and up to 430hp for the trucks that took on the 360km test track north of Munich. 

Scania entered an R410 tractor, and the truck‘s average consumption was measured at 23.53 litres per 100km. Scania also managed the highest average speed, reaching 80.60kph. 

The testing is rigorously monitored and takes place on public roads with a mix between highways and rural roads. Conditions that can influence the results, such as traffic and weather, are compensated for by the use of a reference truck. All the trucks have the same brand of tyres, with the same wear and pressure.  

“Being able to offer the most efficient trucks is not only part of Scania‘s DNA and something we always strive for; it is also extremely important for fighting climate change and reaching our ambitious science-based targets,” said Stefan Dorski, senior vice president and head of Scania Trucks.

“Although electrification is on its way, we need the most efficient combustion engines to reach the Paris Agreement targets, something which Scania is committed to.”

Scania considers press tests to be a highly significant factor in its development process. 

“It is also of huge importance for potential truck buyers, since press tests and the evaluations that independent journalists do are actually the most relevant consumer information available on the market,” Dorski said.

“Some people might think that press test trucks are ‘prepared‘ or somehow produced on purpose; they are not,” he said.

“They are regular production trucks, just like the ones our customers can order. They are admittedly well kept and well maintained, but I recommend that all truck owners do so. 

“The really great thing about Green Truck and other press tests is that these winners from Scania are the same breed of trucks that our customers use in their daily operations.”

Dorski said winning the test five years in a row is a “feat that should not be possible”. 

“I see it as the ultimate proof of how Scania‘s powertrain technology supports our customers in their constant efforts to reach the best total operating economy.”