Scania tops prestigious European truck test for the second year running

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 28, 2018

For the second consecutive year, Scania‘s new generation trucks have been victorious in the 1,000 Point Test, Europe‘s most comprehensive truck comparison.

“This exhaustive test, once again, confirms not only the excellent fuel performance of our new generation trucks but also the many other attractive features that set Scania apart,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, head of trucks at Scania. “We have now introduced the full range of new generation trucks in Europe and the response has been overwhelming.”

This year‘s test focused on mid-sized cabs with power ratings in the 450hp range, with the Scania R 450 pitted against the Mercedes Actros 1845 and the Volvo FH 460.

The 1,000 Point Test involves an international team of truck journalists who score the trucks subjectively in combination with objective measuring. The test runs along a 180-kilometre route in southwest Germany. Organised by Germany‘s ETM Verlag, whose publications include the magazines Lastauto Omnibus and Fernfahrer, the 1,000 Point Test is carried out in cooperation with several major European trade magazines.

With the recent introductions of updated Cruise Control with Active Prediction, the Pulse & Glide function and Downhill Speed Control, Scania has improved its already outstanding fuel performance. Pulse & Glide provides an opportunity to increase speed – Pulse – and then freewheel – Glide – for a longer period of time, thereby taking even better advantage of the kinetic energy of the vehicle on hilly roads.

This feature pays off in terms of lower fuel consumption and helped Scania to be the clear 1,000 Point Test winner. Scania also proved to be the fastest truck in every comparative situation, including initial acceleration, motorway cruising and driving uphill. The Scania new generation truck excelled in the cab, driveline and performance, fuel consumption, and cost and payload categories. Overall, Scania led the competition in the 2018 1,000 Point Test with a total of 954.5 points, followed by Mercedes‘ 943.2 points and Volvo‘s 941.9 points.

Since the autumn 2016 launch of the new truck generation, Scania has swept the board in comparative and individual press tests. Scania won all three of the previous major European comparative tests, and has broken track records or performed outstandingly in more than 40 individual press tests conducted in 11 European countries where fuel consumption has been evaluated.