Swinglift international rights sold to French company Boxloader

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 9, 2019

The Patchell Group has sold the international rights to the Swinglift brand to French company, Boxloader SARL.

Chief executive Brent Whibley says there will be no change to the New Zealand market and the sale will not affect local customers. The Patchell Group will continue to be responsible for the manufacture, sale and distribution of the Swinglift product for the New Zealand market.  

“The relationship with Boxloader will allow us access to the BXL product range and therefore expand what we can offer you into New Zealand.  

“Boxloader and Swinglift each have a significant market position: Swinglift with its proven light tare inline Leg-Over design and Boxloader with their single-stage or two-stage telescoping dagger leg model, giving safe heavy lift capabilities.”

Swinglift and Boxloader have both devised robust safety control systems in the application of their Sideloader models, both surpassing other current providers in the market.

“The combination of the two entities will deliver a significant dominant player in the marketplace, with both entities continuing to provide constructive end solutions to customers, thus making it an easy decision to merge the business processes.”

Whibley says over the coming months, the new arrangement will start taking shape within the world marketplace. Swinglift will keep manufacturing as efficiently as it has always done, alongside Boxloader sharing its know-how to continue to improve the products as much as possible when needed. The Patchell Group will continue to market Swinglift products around New Zealand, while Boxloader is responsible, along with partners such as the Drake Group in Australia, for the rest of the world.