Three-way messaging system to solve dispatch and delivery challenges

In News1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 24, 2021

A new three-way messaging system has been developed to connect customers, dispatch teams and delivery staff, all in real time.

Designed by job scheduling and dispatch software provider vWork, the system was developed in response to challenges around re-delivery using SMS messages.

The system provides immediate updates on status, ETAs or delays, and allows users to immediately engage with customers in real-time.

“This capability is gold. Customers can respond directly to text messages saying when they can expect their delivery,” said Roy Moody, chief executive at vWork.

“So if circumstances have changed and the customer is going to be onsite later than at the agreed time, the customer can respond to the message with new delivery instructions.”

Dispatchers are able to view any SMS message conversation against each job, and reschedule deliveries and re-route the mobile worker to the following job or delivery.

“Not only does this feature build customer satisfaction, it saves you a stack of time and money lost when deliveries or jobs can‘t be completed the first time.”

vWork is used widely throughout New Zealand by businesses like Foodstuffs, Toll, Emmerson Transport, Akitio Trucking and Mcleod Cranes.