Weighing-in on the move

In News, Scania, August 20212 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 13, 2021

Neville Marsh Weighbridges Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying certified portable weighbridges throughout New Zealand for heavy-duty commercial operations for nearly 20 years.

The company offers weighbridges in 40-tonne (40T) or 50-tonne (50T) capacity. The 40T platforms are 4m long with a centre ramp between each platform, giving an overall length of 10m, and can accommodate a five-axle trailer. The 50T platforms are 6m long for a total weighing area of 1m. Centre ramps are optional with the 50T. There are on/off aluminium ramps at either end, which are chained onto the weighbridge frame. This allows movement between the ramps and the weighing platform.

The standard Rinstrum R420 indicator and a printer goes with the weighbridge in a specially made box, or there is another indicator available that can be customised for wifi, split weighing, etc. If a company already has a computer system in place, the two systems can be integrated. Two 12-volt batteries run the indicator and printer, although some clients have the system on solar panels or an inverter.

It takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up or relocate the weighbridges. Ron & Stew Kilburn from Accurate Weighing Ltd, certify and calibrate each weighbridge.

All the weighbridges are made at the Marsh Engineering workshop and are galvanised. Wide floating platforms cover the entire weighing surface, allowing for wider tractor and trailer units. They include 10-tonne compression load cells at each corner and aluminium ramps.

“Neville Marsh Weighbridges are New Zealand-made for our conditions, which can be challenging,” said Neville Marsh.

There are currently five 50T weighbridges at the Port of Auckland, while the weighbridges are also finding favour with agricultural and civil contractors.

“Some companies hire the weighbridges for seasonal work or we have two on long- term hire.”