1983 FM183 Hino

In Unsung Heroes, March 20232 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineApril 14, 2023

It’s another one for the old Hinos this month – Aaron ‘Woody’ Woodcock at Rural Works submitted his 1983 FM183 Hino after we showcased Ralph Scott’s FF1418 in the Dec 22/Jan 23 issue. “This old girl used to tow a trailer over the Remutakas to Wellington most days in earlier years. The younger generation now would refuse to drive it on that run,” Woody says. “It is now used most days to shift a digger from job to job and cart the odd load of gravel or dirt, among other things as well.”

Woody has owned the FM183 for a little more than eight years and estimates it’s covered north of 700,000km. “Its mileage is not accurate due to the rear tyres having been changed from 1000s to 900s many years ago. I’m thinking that was done for gearing on the Remutakas.”

Interestingly, says Woody, the 183hp FM183 started life as a 4×2 and was later converted to a 6×4. “It has LSDs in both diffs, which with the light tare weight, makes it very good for traction off-road. It has a 10-speed Roadranger. It tows a brilliant little spring-loaded fold-out ramp trailer, designed and built by John Shields from Carterton Engineering,” Woody concludes. Thanks for sharing, Woody.

It can’t all be 7-in twin shooters, Texas bumpers, ram intakes, Kelsa bars, polished stainless steel, and Dura-Brights. Millions of tonnes of freight are moved every day in trucks that only the true enthusiast ever looks at twice. Yet owners and drivers alike often look on these old trojans with fondness – like the holey jumper you put on when it’s cold. This section is aimed at those trucks. They may be near to God, but they are also dear to our hearts.