RUC purchase for August 2021, all RUC types

This information is put together from information provided by the NZ Transport Agency. New Zealand Trucking acknowledges the assistance of the media team at NZTA for providing this information to us.

In August 2021 there were 46 different types of RUC purchased for a total distance of 1,415,489,880km at a value of $188,484,043.

A description of RUC vehicle types is available at nzta.govt. nz/vehicles/licensing-rego/roaduser- charges/ruc-rates-andtransaction- fees/

Please note data August differs slightly from that reported for the same period previously due to adjustments being made to the base data.

The red dots represent the cost of RUC purchased for that RUC type for the year to date August 2021 only, thus for RUC type 6 vehicles, powered vehicles with three axles, (except type 308, 309, 311, 399 or 413 vehicles), the higher value results from the high cost of RUC for these type vehicles above 12 tonne.