800 from the East

In May 2023, International Truck Stop4 MinutesBy Niels JansenJune 19, 2023

The battle to launch the highway truck with the most powerful diesel engine has been going on for many years, especially in Europe, where Scania and Volvo trump each other every so often. When the Volvo FH16 was released with 700hp, and then in 2011 with an even stronger 750hp, Scania could not lag behind. In 2020, it introduced a big V8 pumping out 770hp. But the Chinese truck industry has also made great strides in the past 10 years, with or without Western technology.

Shacman is part of the vehicle manufacturer Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, founded in 1968 and quite successful in the export market. Three years ago, it introduced the modern-styled Shaanxi Delong X6000, which soon became a new benchmark for Chinese heavy trucks. The heavy cabover, available with Weichai diesel power, is marketed under Shacman. The 600hp version has been the manufacturer’s top truck offering since 2020. Most models in the heavier X-range have Weichai Euro-6 diesel engines, coupled to a ZF AMT transmission. But for some export markets, Cummins engines and Eaton gearboxes can also be specified.

However, for 2023, the 600hp is surpassed by the latest X6000 heavy tractor, equipped with a V8 diesel engine pumping out a massive 800hp. The Weichai WP17 V8 diesel engine has been boosted to a torque of 3750Nm. That is 50Nm more than Scania’s 770 V8 delivers. The Chinese power unit is paired with a Fast Gear S16AD automatic transmission with 16 gears.

The WP17H800E68 Weichai V8 diesel is based on a modified engine block also used for machines in the agricultural sector. The 6×4 drive tandem bogie is of the Chinese brand Hande and manufactured under license from MAN.

The good-looking sleeper cab is clearly modelled after the latest European trucks. The Mercedes-Benz Actros, for example. But, contrary to Foton/Auman, which has close ties with Daimler- Benz, the X6000’s structure is produced by one of the Chinese cab manufacturers.

The cab has a flat floor. Internal height is 2130mm and there are 1000 litres of storage space. The interior looks neat, and the dashboard is completely up to date with fewer gauges and buttons in favour of LCD screens. The new top model is also equipped with all the modern systems found in an upmarket European truck, such as adaptive cruise control, electronic collision warning, lane departure warning and tyre pressure monitoring system.

Of course, air conditioning and air suspension are also part of the package. Two fuel tanks with heating function and a total volume of 1000 litres are fitted to keep the King of Chinese Trucks moving. Optional are a night heater and rear-view cameras instead of mirrors.

Shaanxi/Shacman’s new top-of-the-range truck is also intended to strengthen its market share in export markets, particularly in Russia and South American countries.

Sneak peek at the brawny Weichai V8.

The 6×4 Hande tandem bogie manufactured under license from MAN.