AL-KO adds anti-skid system for commercial trailers

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineSeptember 24, 2018

AL-KO is making its Trailer Control anti-skid system available for commercial trailers and adding new technology, including the AL-KO 2LINK connectivity system with tyre pressure monitoring.

Small evasive manoeuvres such as cross winds on bridges or wind pressure during overtaking can quickly cause a trailer to lurch. The AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC) anti-skid system quickly and gently brakes the trailer and puts it back on track.

The emergency system has been proven in caravans for over 10 years with almost 200,000 installations throughout Europe.

To work properly, the system needs the weight of the trailer to remain within specific, clearly defined parameters, including any construction machines on trailers, such as compressors, concrete pumps and trailer cranes.

The various ATC versions are precisely tailored to the actual total weight of the trailer (750 to 2800 kilograms). The system permanently controls the driving behaviour of the trailer. Sensors detect even the slightest lateral movements and lateral accelerations even before a stabilisation program for trailers in the towing vehicle can register the oscillating movement. In critical driving situations that cause the trailer to roll, the ATC control electronics react automatically.

If the characteristic oscillation periods and vibration curves occur, the trailer brake is immediately activated by a servomotor and the trailer is gently braked. Braking power of a few seconds is enough to stretch car and trailer and restore safe driving conditions. Since the ATC sits directly on the axle and acts via the brake linkage, no intervention in the overrun device is required. The ATC sensors, the control electronics and the servo motor for the brake intervention are housed in a compact, robust and splash-proof housing. It is permanently mounted on the axle, coupled to the trailer brake and connected to the existing on-board electrical system of the trailer.

The new AL-KO 2LINK complements the ATC and will include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from November, monitored electronically and displayed directly on a smartphone.

AL-KO said having correct tyre pressure offers a number of advantages, such as a shorter braking distance, better driving and cornering characteristics, lower fuel consumption and less tyre wear.

The TPMS sensor can be mounted directly on the rim at the tyre dealer instead of a standard valve. Installation of the 2LINK-Box and sensors are available at every trained AL-KO service point and in every AL-KO customer centre. The basis for the transmission is the AL-KO 2LINK-Box. It sends internal tyre pressure data to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The tyre pressure is displayed in the 2LINK app, which is available for free download for Apple and Android devices.