Big shake up proposed for Transporting New Zealand

In News4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 3, 2023

Transporting New Zealand has unveiled a proposed restructure of the organisation that it says will reduce administrative costs and make it more democratic.

Transporting New Zealand chair Warwick Wilshier said the proposal would unify the four regions into one national structure.

“There are a number of challenges – and opportunities – awaiting our industry this year. The focus of Transporting New Zealand is to continue to create the environment where road transport operators can drive successful, safe, and sustainable businesses,” Wilshier said.

While the proposal is a consultation draft, Wilshier said in order to be ready for a future collaboration with National Road Carriers and New Zealand Trucking, “it’s really important we get our own house in order first”.

Transporting NZ made an unsuccessful attempt to form a single national organisation with competing road freight bodies National Road Carriers and New Zealand Trucking in late 2021. “It was disappointing for our board not to be able to merge ourselves with National Road Carriers and New Zealand Trucking when we tried in 2021,” Wilshier said.

“This is still our long-term aim, but we want to improve what we do for our members and the wider industry now. We hope that by making these changes, Transporting New Zealand will be streamlined and ready when the chance comes around again.”

Wilshier said membership associations need to move with the times in order to stay relevant and keep growing.

“That’s why the board has put together the proposal. We can’t organise ourselves in the same way we did decades ago, back when each region could employ their own staff, ran their own conferences and fundraisers, and had sufficient volunteer capacity to run autonomously.”

The new proposal will allow every member to vote for representation to a new Road Transport Industry Council. The organisation’s rules will ensure the Council has representatives from each area of the country.

The proposal will reduce the administrative costs and duplication associated with managing its five existing incorporated societies.

“Our current regional structure focuses us on administration and issues, rather than looking outward and how we solve the problems confronting our members. We want to bring local operator issues and priorities to the national level so solutions can be found through a new Council and the successful work of our Sector Groups,” Wilshier said.

“The assets of each region will be ringfenced and controlled by the directly member-elected Road Transport Industry Council. We will be able to focus our expenditure on providing better services to our members, rather than duplicating work in every region.”

On top of the board and three member representatives, two independent directors will be brought into the fold to provide “fresh thinking” and grow the organisation. Wilshier said the core features of Transporting New Zealand will be maintained

A full copy of the proposal can be found here.

Members are invited to join the Transporting New Zealand board at a lunchtime Zoom question and answer session, on Friday February 17. Email for the link.