Biosecurity NZ announces out-of-season stink bug updates

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMay 8, 2019

Biosecurity New Zealand has updated its updated on-arrival guidance for imported vehicles, machinery and equipment to verify potential stink bug contamination.

During the out-of-season period from 30 April, offshore pre-treatment of cargo is no longer required, and Biosecurity New Zealand will no longer be denying discharge of cargo while surveillance of vessel is being conducted.

It will no longer allow fogging/pest management to take place in New Zealand territorial waters. Vessels are expected to make their way directly to the berth allocated.

Biosecurity New Zealand may still use fogging as a verification tool when live bugs have been detected on board.

It will continue to action live regulated stink bugs, case by case on arrival, but say that during autumn/winter season MPI historically detects low numbers of stink bugs.

If live stink bugs are found during surveillance, discharge will be halted until they have been formally identified. If the species is regulated, Biosecurity New Zealand will decide on the appropriate action on a case by case basis.