FleetSeek releases CamtrackerLIVE

2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 14, 2016

If you‘re looking to reduce accidents and encourage safer driving in your fleet, the latest release from Australian company  FleetSeek may interest you. 

CamtrackerLIVE is a sophisticated real-time in-cab video camera that provides built-in GPS tracking with live streaming video capabilities, straight to your computer or smartphone. The camera operates on the 3G/4G mobile network, removing the potential for losing any data during an accident. Health and safety benefits can be seen immediately, making it easier to monitor dangerous work or a lone rural worker – knowing their whereabouts helps to ensure their safety. CamtrackerLIVE can assist in reducing accident frequency through identifying troublesome drivers and encouraging safer driving styles and training from their driving data.

FleetSeek says CamtrackerLIVE‘s technology is unmatched in the Australian market and believes upgrading a fleet with fully integrated driver safety devices such as this is essential to keeping up with a fast-paced demanding industry.

Ways telematics can help your business thrive:

• CamtrackerLIVE – having 3G real-time driver safety cameras fitted across your fleet allows complete visibility, leading to  optimisation of all operations and processes.

• Efficiency – driver reports and engine management interface allow complete analysis of driver behaviours, fuel efficiency and Co2 emissions to minimise associated costs.

• Improved customer service – having real-time access to all drivers‘ whereabouts ensures that enquiries can be handled in an accurate and timely manner.

• Complete visibility of your vehicle or fleet – you can view your fleet as long as you have your smartphone or computer at hand, giving you complete access and control to analyse its efficiency.

• Videos of near misses – a sensor in the device allows it to acknowledge hard braking, fast cornering, speeding and many other unsafe driving practices that would typically go unnoticed. CamtrackerLIVE captures short videos of these events, allowing the fleet manager to view them and take action accordingly.

For more information visit: http://www.fleetseek.com.au and