Good on ya mate – Stu Ennis – Top of the Pops!

In Good On Ya Mate2 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 15, 2017

Here‘s the nomination we received from Stu‘s daughter-in-law, Sarah Goodfellow.

“I‘d love to nominate my father-in-law Stu Ennis for being a good bugger. Every year he makes sure my wee family is always stocked with dry wood for the fire – he will even come around (limping and in pain pending a hip operation) any time of the day to help us around the house. Just last week he turned up to move a stack and stack out wood for this year. He is constantly putting the biggest smile on our daughter Chloe‘s face; often Stu will bring his truck – a Volvo, he works for TNL – home just for Chloe to see. As you can tell in the picture she gets the driver‘s seat and grandad‘s in the passenger seat! With my Dad passing away when I was young it‘s sure nice having a father-inlaw who helps with anything and it‘s never an issue.” 

Well done Stu! Superb effort and great bloke. 

Photo: When the Volvo turns up Grandad gets relegated to the passenger seat

Know a truckie who’s done a good deed or just helped you or someone else out? Could be anything from saving a plover and her chicks to helping you cover a load of dry timber when the wind’s howling and the rain’s threatening. Send details into us at New Zealand Trucking Magazine with a photo of your nominee if you can get one, and we’ll see what we can do!