Hyundai offers first view of Xcient prime mover

5 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 28, 2017

Hyundai offers the transport industry a preview of its Xcient prime mover at the Transport and Heavy Equipment Expo in March. It is the brand‘s headline truck at Expo and is the first to reach this country.

The Xcient 6×4 tractor unit at Expo is presented in long-range line haul format with high-roof, sleeper cab and aero kit, along with an in-cab fridge, large bed, and abundance of storage. It has been imported for early evaluation by major freight and transport companies ahead of a launch date set for late 2017.

Hyundai will also use this early production unit to finalise New Zealand specifications for the Xcient.

Hyundai New Zealand general manager Andy Sinclair says Xcient‘s arrival marks the beginning of an ambitious growth phase for Hyundai trucks in New Zealand.

“With Xcient we move into an all-new segment of the local transport market. 

It‘s a proven product in line haul and shorter range transport roles overseas and we‘re sure it‘s going to be keenly received by transport companies here in New Zealand.”

Launched earlier in left-hand drive markets, the Xcient caused a stir in the industry with its European-inspired styling and design backed with a high level of safety and driver-assistance features.

“Now, the availability of right-hand drive versions and more powerful engines that comply with the latest European emission standards – all still clad in that very modern Euro-style design – mean we can offer this stunning prime mover in New Zealand.”

Sinclair says Hyundai expects the Xcient to have strong appeal among buyers who might otherwise have opted for traditional European truck brands.

At the truck‘s heart is a 12-litre turbocharged J-series diesel engine making 382 kW (520 ps) at 1,700 rpm and 255 kg/m (2500 Nm/1843 lb-ft) at 1200 rpm. The engine drives through a ZF AS tronic Automated Transmission (AMT) with 12 forward and two reverse gears with a low speed-speed manoeuvring mode.

“So we bring together Hyundai‘s acclaimed world-class diesel engine technology with proven European transmission in a truck with class-leading safety and traction technology. The engine is fully compliant with the stringent Euro 5 emission standards and is already logging millions of kilometres in long-haul and local duties in its domestic markets”, said Sinclair.

With full disc brakes, air suspension, electronic stability control, the Xcient weighs 8.5 tonnes, has a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) figure of 31.7 tonnes and a maximum combined mass (GCM) of 70 tonnes – all substantially higher than standard New Zealand limits, meaning the truck is substantially under-stressed for work on Kiwi roads and highways.

When Xcient goes on sale late 2017 the range will include long range line haul and standard-cab variants, the latter with a cab profile more suited to urban and short haul work. 

Sinclair said though many New Zealanders are more familiar with Hyundai through its range of cars and SUVs, the company‘s global profile is broad, and includes civil engineering, trains, ship building and heavy transport divisions.

“Hyundai has forged a strong reputation in the international transport sector, and our proven track record extends into this country. Now, after a period of steady sales, we have new exciting product arriving for distribution through our dedicated truck network. Over the next 18 months we plan to grow our share of the Kiwi transport market, and Xcient will lead the way,” he said.