Join the Elite – Mack

In Mack3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJanuary 1, 2016

When you equip your Mack with an all-Mack powertrain, you get a lot more than just a golden bulldog on the bonnet. 

Unlike other trucks where you can mix and match engines, transmissions, axles and suspensions, in a Mack, all the components are intended to work together as a single unit. 

Our designers apply infinite care and patience to make a Mack‘s powertrain work seamlessly and provide the best possible performance and reliability. When you equip an all-Mack powertrain, you benefit from their diligence in many ways.

Compatible software 
These days engines and automated transmissions use highly-sophisticated computer software to control all aspects of their performance. Nothing will degrade your truck‘s performance and blow out fuel consumption faster than software incompatibilities. 

With an all-Mack powertrain, this critical software all comes from the same source and speaks the same language, so you can be certain that all your components are communicating efficiently. The result is smooth and perfectly-timely gear changes, along with maximised fuel economy.

Compatible hardware
The powertrain is the core of the truck, so you want to be sure it‘s functioning as a complete unit, not as a bunch of components bolted together. When you fit an all-Mack powertrain you have the certainty of knowing that all the components are 100% physically compatible. There won‘t be any niggling spaces or not-quite-exactly-right fits, they all mesh together perfectly into a single machine. You benefit from longer service intervals, and a much smoother servicing experience.

A one-stop service
When your truck‘s sitting uselessly off the road in the workshop, nothing‘s more frustrating than being told “Sorry mate, we‘re waiting on a part for that third-party transmission you‘ve got in there.” When you have an All-Mack powertrain we take care of the whole thing from end-to-end. With our advanced diagnostic tools and the technical expertise of our mechanics, we can get you back on the road faster than anyone else. Why? Because we know our trucks better than anyone else, and we have the parts you need.

The gold bulldog
The gold bulldog is symbolic of an owner who understands the value of a thoroughbred. When you put an all-Mack powertrain in your Mack, you‘re investing in a future of reliability, durability, fuel economy and low service costs. At Mack we believe in our product, and we‘ll back it and back you too, all the way.

The all-Mack powertrain is available for all Mack models except the Metro-Liner.