MAN‘s return to number one in New Zealand

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 8, 2017

Penske Commercial Vehicles (PCV) has secured MAN‘s return to number one in the 10,000kg-plus bus and coach market segment in New Zealand, with a 25% share of 2016 sales.

With 115 total chassis sold, comprising 105 MAN registered chassis plus 10 MAN powered Designline registered chassis, this return to number one in the bus and coach market capped off an exceptional year for PCV‘s MAN product offering.

PCV also sold 137 MAN trucks in the 10,000kg-plus truck market, which, when combined with buses resulted in a total of 252 chassis sold for the year.

This combined total placed MAN first in the premium market, and third in the total market for the combined truck and bus segments (10,000kg-plus).

The year culminated with the receipt of multiple MAN Truck & Bus awards, where PCV New Zealand scooped almost half the accolades for the Asia Pacific region, receiving the ‘Best Improvement‘, ‘Best Bus Performance‘ and the overall ‘Best Importer‘ awards.

PCV New Zealand general manager John Keenan was delighted with the year, noting that the awards reflected the increasing presence of the MAN brand in New Zealand.

“We have seen significant growth in MAN products in recent years,” he said.

“Underlying that growth is a premium quality, German-engineered product that is performing very well in many applications around New Zealand.

“We have now set our sights firmly on being the number one premium brand in New Zealand for trucks to match our achievement in the buses.”

Keenan said it was great to have both the recent accomplishments, and the significant investment Penske has made in New Zealand, recognised by MAN in Germany.

“MAN has been represented in New Zealand since 1968 and will celebrate its 40 th anniversary next year. Our focus is to keep MAN in a leading position and translate this long market history into tangible benefits for our customers.”

L to R: Dean Hoverd, PCV NZ national truck sales manager, John Keenan, PCV NZ general manager, Roger Penske, Penske Automotive chairman, and Paul Williams, PCV NZ national bus sales manager.