Mobile phones and cloud computing have changed customer expectations for logistics firms

3 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineFebruary 17, 2017

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In 2007 the first iPhone hit the streets. 2009 brought us the launch of Uber and Airbnb. 

Consumers had begun their inexorable move to using their mobile phone to interact with everything, a move that accelerated with the ramping of cloud computing. Today computers follow you around and are always on. 

At vWork, we believe consumer expectations have been forever changed. Consumers expect to book services with their phone, to have logistics wrap around their needs, and to stay informed throughout the fulfilment process. 

This means service delivery needs to work in a truly on demand way. 

Likewise the service companies themselves need a live total single view of all workers and work in the field.

vWork was built as an enterprise-grade platform to enable transport and field service companies to cater to the new reality of customer expectations. Organisations are rapidly finding out they need to re-platform to deliver on new customer expectations.

We think there will be winners and losers in this process, and we‘d like to help ensure your business will be one of the winners.

The heart of the vWork offer is a platform that connects business and retail customers with transport companies and field staff. For customers it allows the organisation to offer an Uber-like experience. For workers it provides total clarity of what needs to happen and when, and keeps the customer at the centre of the process. The dispatcher has a single live view of all workers and all jobs, which drives efficiency and accountability.

The platform is highly configurable, so it can cater to a company‘s individual needs, without need for bespoke customisations. As a result, we see vWork being used by food delivery networks in South America, by network companies in Australia, and by some of New Zealand‘s largest logistics companies.

vWork gives the benefits of a costly bespoke build, at a fraction of the cost and with the convenience of turn-key implementation. Once the API (application programming interface) has connected your system to vWork, we simply switch you on and you are in business. Alternatively, you may choose to go live initially through entering jobs into the web application, which means we can literally get you live in days.

To find out more check out this quick YouTube video