Narva – More light to your day

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 14, 2016

Narva brings more light to your day latest LED work lamp range More light output and sleeker design are just some of the  improvements that Narva has incorporated into its latest range of LED work lamps now on sale in New Zealand.

There has been a steady shift towards LED work lamps in recent times as their performance and benefits continue to outshine their halogen counterparts in a number of areas. Among the benefits are a low current draw and a greater resistance to shock and vibration, which leads to a longer product life.

Furthermore, the quality of light emitted by LED lamps is considerably whiter and brighter than halogens, providing greater illumination in the work environment and a quality of light that more closely resembles natural daylight.

Narva national sales manager Tim Paterson says that‘s an important consideration in light of the increased emphasis on health and safety in the workplace, following the passing of more stringent legislation recently.

He adds that the Narva LED work lamp range is designed and made to meet the NZ EMC standard CISPR15, which means that users won‘t suffer the radio interference that can be an issue with some other work lamps – another crucial health and safety point.

The latest upgrades to selected models in the latest Narva LED work lamp range include increases in light output by as much as 60%. This was achieved by upsizing from 3W to 5W LEDs in certain variants and moving from 5W to 10W LEDs in others.

Narva‘s design team has also worked on the lamps‘ aesthetics, delivering sleek and modern new designs whilst ensuring the strength and durability of the lamps is not compromised, in particular the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and heavy-duty stainless steel mounting hardware.

The new range of Narva LED Work Lamps comprises three sizes, each of which is also available in white for marine applications instead of the standard grey finish, with these versions utilising stainless steel 316 fittings and all share the similar family design characteristics.

Across the eight lamps in the new range, the light output goes from 900 lumens for the smaller oval shaped model up to an astonishing 4800 lumens for the top-of- the-range rectangular work lamp, which comprises six 10W LEDs.

Despite the large increase in light output the current draw remains exceptionally low, with the smallest unit drawing a mere 0.58Amps and the largest uniting drawing just 3.0Amps (at 12Volts).

The upgraded LED work lamps are covered by a 5-year LED warranty and are just a small selection of Narva‘s expansive work lamp range, which can be purchased at automotive outlets throughout New Zealand. The full range can also be viewed online at

Photo caption: Narva has upgraded its LED work lamp range for improved lighting performance, along with new streamlined styling.