NZ Express Transport swings into action!

4 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 24, 2017

Photo: Two happy operators (Left) Kyle Bryan and Brian da Via (Right).

NZ Express Transport 2006 Ltd (NZET) in Christchurch has recently commissioned two new Patchell HC4020-35IC- 4 Swinglift container side-loaders, and DAF CF85 tractors. The units will operate out of the company‘s Woolston terminal, servicing Christchurch metro, Rolleston, Lyttleton and closer Canterbury areas.

It‘s the first time the Swinglift brand has found a home at NZET. General manager John Petrie gave a number of reasons for the purchase decision “Quality of product, flexibility around equipment used, i.e. ability to use ROR axles from T.A.T.E.S. which we have on all our new builds, ensured our service providers are familiar with the equipment and replacement parts. The best tare at time of order, and the enthusiasm Mark Janssen, salesperson from Patchell‘s Swinglift division, showed to ensure all queries were answered promptly.

“Patchells has also appointed HDPS here in Christchurch as a service agent, so that provided assurance we had someone in Christchurch with the knowledge to carry out prompt repairs if required.

Post-delivery Patchells sent a person down for a day of operator training which allowed us to have five people instructed on how to operate the Swinglift brand.”

Kyle Bryan will drive and operate fleet 454, and Brian da Via Fleet 455. Brian‘s unit is to be double-shifted in time and will be based out of Rolleston.

The units represent a number of firsts for the company. Not only are they the first of the Swinglift brand to join the fleet, they‘re also the first side-lifters in the fleet to do away with an auxiliary engine, operating instead via PTO-driven hydraulic pumps.

“Auxiliary motors require additional maintenance, have radiators that shake apart, engine noise, fan belts that break, additional fuel tanks, filters etc,” says John. “And these units only require one fuel card. NZET run the ECCA fuel programme and every motor needs to have its own card if you want accurate fuel usage results. The new DAF trucks towing the Swinglifts use EROAD so can provide idle, PTO and running times, making it easy to check on fuel economy. There is the risk with hydraulics off the truck that should the truck be out of service for whatever reason that we cannot use another tractor unit to tow the trailers due to them not having a ‘pony‘ motor, but these two new units bring to 10 the side-loaders NZET operate, so the thought was we will be able to cover for them if required.”

The units can accommodate one or two 20‘ containers, one 40‘ up to 24 tonne, and high cubes. Both units will shortly have H permitting, which will allow an on-road container weight of a little over 28 tonne.

If you‘re in the Garden City be sure to keep an eye out for these two very impressive rigs.

Photo: Two companies with rich Kiwi heritages, NZ Express Transport 2006 Ltd and Patchell Swinglift, showing the world NZ lacks nothing in technology and execution.