RIGS OF 2006 – August Hino 700 – WW18

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJune 30, 2016

When Williams & Wilshier purchased its very first Hino 700 to go on the road hauling logs, it was somewhat of an experiment. The fleet previously consisted of Kenworths, Scanias, DAFs, three Volvos, and a Freightliner.

The 8×4 Hino, registered WW18, pulled a 4-axle trailer with the rig set up to haul logs throughout the central North Island and, according to driver Gary van den Broek, ”It did a dammed good job”.

WW18 was powered by a 450hp Hino engine producing 2157Nm (1620lb/ft) at 1100rpm and an 18-speed Roadranger gearbox, 4.55:1 final drive and Hino 6-rod leaf rear suspension.

The Hino could haul 28 tonnes of logs, provide a comfortable driver environment, and returned good economy figures for Williams & Wilshier.

The company ran the Hino until June 2013 with no major hiccups and it was sold to Ferndale Farms in Bombay, having covered around 600,000 kilometres.

Unfortunately, during an off-highway operation, the Hino suffered an accident that terminated its working life and it is now sitting at the back of the Ferndale depot awaiting a decision as to its future.

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