Safety alert – NZTA urging checks of truck drawbeams

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineOctober 21, 2016

The New Zealand Transport Agency is investigating a catastrophic failure of a truck drawbeam that resulted in a laden heavy trailer separating from a truck on Wednesday.

Urgent work is underway to identify any other affected trucks so they can be checked, with one already withdrawn from the same fleet after the drawbeam showed signs of fatigue cracks.

In the meantime, this safety alert is asking all truck operators, service personnel and vehicle inspectors to check for signs of cracks in drawbeams as shown in the photos and diagrams below.

Any signs of fatigue cracking require immediate removal of the truck from trailer towing services and repairs carried out with a truck body builder and heavy vehicle specialist certifier.

Please report any drawbeams with signs of fatigue to together with contact details, vehicle registration number and location of drawbeam or vehicle.

If you have any immediate concerns, please contact your truck body builder to seek advice on how to get your drawbeam checked.

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