Swinglift side-loader

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineJuly 14, 2016

Swinglift introduces its international Swinglift side-loader to the Australian market Swinglift introduced its dual carriage dagger leg model currently used in the UK and South African markets to Australia at the recent ITTES show in Melbourne.

The HC4020-35DC- DL model features Swinglift‘s standard light tare I-beam chassis. The original Patchell-built HC4020 Swinglift used in the Australasian markets is an inline model (with lifting jibs and stabiliser leg inline), while the dual carriage side-loader can be supplied with either leg-over or dagger leg stabilisers. The dual carriage design has already been proven in the South African and UK markets and features side by side stabilisers and crane lifting jibs; however this model is considerably heavier than the inline Swinglift, hence the reason it has not been used in the Australasian markets where payload is paramount.

The CAN bus control system now has a display screen and allows operators to collect a huge array of data, such as how the machine is being operated, diagnostics and fault reporting. When fitted with a load cell, the container weight is displayed on the display console as well as in an optional handheld remote control.