The two faces of T610

1 MinutesBy NZ Trucking magazineMarch 3, 2017

The hugely anticipated arrival of the new Kenworth T610 range meant the PACCAR stand was a hotbed of attention on day one. On display were the first three of the new models to find homes in New Zealand; two T610s, one for TR Group and one for Dynes Transport Ltd, and a T610 SAR heading for North chill. Although the development that‘s gone into the T610 has been extensive, and the trucks certainly bring a whole new look to the Australasian stable, there‘s no doubt they fit right in, retaining a very Kenworth feel. Their arrival will herald some rationalising of the overall model line-up in time.

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The all new look and lines of the T610.

There was more being celebrated than the release of the new models on the stand. Some life achievements in the business and local community deserve more than a cake…..get along to The EXPO – this you gotta see!

All the improvements to cab design and driver environment, but in classic Kenworth style, retaining the tradition if that‘s what the customer wanted.